In 2017, Bhavana Singh started her own consulting business, Three Moons Consulting, focused mainly on Salesforce platform implementations.

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Her mission

Helping businesses get the most out of their Salesforce investments

After working at big companies for years, Bhavana made the decision to take a chance on her own skills and build a company from the ground up. The first clients she came across had purchased the platform, but weren’t fully successful in utilizing the strengths of Salesforce. She helped them navigate their own tools and resources and find a custom solution to help them translate their unique business processes onto the platform.

Bhavana has implemented and managed Enterprise Applications for more than two decades. She comes from a strong development background. She has a Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering from Capitol College and a Master’s in Computer Science from John Hopkins University.

As a self-starter and an avid learner, Bhavana is continuously learning more about the Salesforce platform. She is a certified system and application architect and has collected 14 certifications to further her learning. She is passionate and excited about the capabilities of this platform. In the past, software of this potential required a team of developers and an infrastructure to support it. Now even a small business can be up and running in a matter of days.

Bhavana Singh
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Salesforce Certified Application Architect

As a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and a Salesforce MVP, Bhavana is dedicated to the Salesforce platform and loves the sense of community she has found with other users. In an effort to connect to and give back to the community, Bhavana leads the Salesforce Women In Tech User group in Maryland and is also a RAD Women coach

Bhavana lives and works out of the DMV area with her husband, two daughters, and senior dog, Buddy Singh. 

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